Singing under the bright stage lights or creating pottery at our kilns, students at WISS are exposed to the creative arts at all ages.


WISS has a strong creative arts program that is unique because of its interdisciplinary approach that involves the collaboration between all creative arts subjects. We celebrate the arts through sharing students’ work; showcasing their skills and talents through performances, gallery viewings, and community events.

WISS offers an array of extracurricular activities that support the creative arts such as musicals, plays, theatre tech club, choir, orchestra, and art club.

At the Western International School of Shanghai, students in Grades 6-8 must take four creative arts subjects; Drama, Music, Visual Art, and Media. These classes are taken as part of a rotation called the Creative Arts Carousel in order to introduce students to the creative arts subjects and process.

In Grades 9 and 10, students choose one Creative Arts subject to focus on. By choosing a specialization that they feel passionate about, WISS students are able to develop and grow as an artist in their area of expertise.

As part of the IBDP/IBCP, students may specialize in either Music, Theatre, or Visual Arts, studying the subject in-depth and preparing them for university-level art courses or industry preparation.