School Uniform

The school uniform is the fabric of the culture of Western International School of Shanghai.

We are proud of our uniforms and believe that the school uniform instills a sense of school pride and community. The WISS Uniform is a relaxed style that is comfortable and stylish for students and offers convenience to parents.The uniform is sold from the WISS Shop throughout the year and each student receives an annual subsidy of RMB 2000 for uniforms as part of the tuition fee.

Every PN to Grade 10 student receives a 2,000 RMB WISS Shop Subsidy (1,000 RMB per semester, available after tuition fees have been paid), which can be used to buy uniforms, team sports gear, and some other uniform-related items. This amount cannot be refunded, paid out in cash, and is otherwise non-transferable. For help with uniforms, please contact Ms. Ana Hu at( +86 21 69766388 x 1048.

The WISS shop sells merchandise, uniforms as well as items from the various charity projects that WISS supports. The shop accepts cash, WeChat, and AliPay. Credit card payments can be processed through the Finance Office when needed.

The opening hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 8:10 – 12:00 / 13:00 – 16:00 Friday: 8:10 – 12:00 / 13:00 – 15:00

Check out our students model the stylish WISS Uniforms!

Early Years I Primary I Secondary

Winter Wear

Light Blue Long-Sleeved WISS Polo T-Shirt
Navy Blue PE Suit
Navy Blue Hoodie
Navy Blue Sweat Pants (thick one) Navy Blue Sweater
Long Navy Blue Pants
Long Navy Blue Pants
Thick Check Skirt
* Dress (PN – Kindergarten)

Summer Wear

Light Blue Short-Sleeved WISS Polo T-Shirt
White PE Short-Sleeved T shirt
Navy Blue PE Short-Sleeved T shirt
PE Sport Shorts
Navy Blue Summer Cap (Primary)
Grey Bucket Hat (Early Years)
Navy Blue Shorts
Navy Blue Skorts (PN – Grade 5)
Navy/White Check skirts

Other Items – Optional

Navy Blue Rain Coat
WISS Swim kits (swimsuit, goggles, cap, bag)
Library bag (PN – Grade 2 required, other grades optional)

WISS Tigers Team Kits

Each student that is selected on a WISS Tigers Sports Team, will be issued a team uniform through the Athletics Department. This uniform will be signed-out by the athlete and returned at the end of that respective season.

Please note that items marked with an * will be phased out beginning in the 2020-2021 school year.

Rules and Regulations

  • The subsidy will be processed onto the WISS Shop system once the complete school tuition is paid.
  • Parents can use the subsidy to purchase uniform-related items in the WISS Shop. Charity items, adult clothing, and WISS merchandise are not included.
  • Parents can add more money to their accounts, once the RMB 2000 is finished.
  • Fapiaos cannot be issued for any sales made using the subsidy amount, but for purchases over and above the RMB 2000, fapiaos can be requested.
  • The subsidy is valid for one school year only and may not be carried over to the following year.