Financial Assistance Scholarships

In order to maintain an internationally and socio-economically diverse student body, a limited amount of scholarships are available to students in Early Years, Primary, or Secondary who demonstrate financial need. A scholarship acceptance, specifying the conditions and duration of the scholarship, will need to be signed by the school and the parents of the recipients.

Requirements to Qualify

Current WISS students, or recently admitted students
Documented financial need provided
Completed application received from November 25, 2020 – March 26, 2021

Selection of the Recipients

Financial Assistance Scholarships will be awarded to candidates as determined by the Scholarship Selection Committee and based on documented financial need. Strong consideration will be given to those students who have consistently made positive contributions to the WISS community through service, action, and participation in school life. As an IB school, WISS will look for students who exemplify the IB Learner profile.

Requirements to Maintain Scholarship

(All scholarships are reviewed annually.)
Academic requirements

Academic requirements

Scholarship recipients must maintain high academic achievement.

Character Requirements

Character Requirements

Scholarship recipients must uphold high standards for academic honesty and
character. Any violation of academic
honesty expectations, school policy, or the law while attending WISS may result in the withdrawal of the scholarship.

Financial Requirements

Financial Requirements

It is the recipient’s responsibility to
submit updated financial records the WISS Scholarship Committee in support of their scholarship every year. Scholarship recipients are still required to pay all fees including but not limited to the Application Fee, Capital Fee, Transportation Fee and all fees for after school activities and trips.