At WISS, our vision is inspiring minds to shape the future. We strive to send compassionate, brave, ethically-minded global citizens into the world. Our students all have different interests, passions, and talents. We do our best to nurture and “need a word” those students to reach their full potential, each and every day.

We wanted our students to feel inspired and believed in, the WISS way, from the moment they get on the bus each morning to the moment they are dropped off at the end of a long school day, and thus an idea was born. A complete bus makeover that would highlight our students’ potential and show them that they are the future.

We will help our students reach their goals, no matter what their goals are in life; a legendary athlete, a Broadway star, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, a world-changing humanitarian, or any other dream. Our students are the “next generation” of this world, and we believe in them.


We hope that this campaign inspires you as well. We also know that you are sure to be inspired in our school; an environment of compassion, diverse international cultures, vibrant extra curricular activities, and the world renowned IB curriculum. Browse around, and learn more about this campaign and our beloved and unique international school, The Western International School of Shanghai.





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The annual school bus fee is 17,900 RMB. An additional fee is charged for locations outside the normal pickup areas. There is a 20% discount for families with two or more children or for families living close to the school. The transportation fee includes regular morning and afternoon pick up and drop off. It does not include buses for after-school activities. For more information about after-school bus options, please contact Ms. Xiao Lan Gu (xgu@wiss.cn).

Please note, that due to government regulations bus routes can only be changed once at the beginning of the odd-numbered months (Jan, March, May, July, September, November). Transportation requests with confirmed address information must be made well in advance to avoid delay.