Trips and adventures are an important facet of our educational experience at the Western International School of Shanghai. Children at WISS from Pre-Nursery all the way to Grade 12 have opportunities to experience trips locally, nationally, and internationally. These trips give our students the chance to link learning to the real world.

Local Trips Around Shanghai

Students at the Western International School of Shanghai are privileged to live in the modern and cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. There are so many things to see in Shanghai. The opportunities for exploration and learning within the Shanghai community are endless. Shanghai is full of beautiful parks, engaging museums, cultural tours, and historical sights. Shanghai has a lot to offer kids of all ages, and even our youngest students enjoy day trips in Shanghai. We believe learning should extend beyond the Western International School of Shanghai campus. Our students learn about the history, culture, and technology of China through kid-friendly activities in Shanghai. Our Early Years and Primary student’s Shanghai field trips have included:
3D Magic Fun house Canature Water Filter Company Jewish Refugee Museum Jin Mao Tower Natural History Museum Science Technology Museum Shanghai Botanical Gardens Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre Shanghai Children’s Museum Shanghai History Museum Shanghai Museum Shanghai Pearl Tower Shanghai Theatre Shanghai Zoo Sheshan Sculpture Park Soong Ching Ling’s House Urban Planning Museum Xujing Cinema Zhonghan Park Zhujiajiao Water Town Zotter’s Chocolate Factory

National Trips in China

China destinations offer limitless chances for exploration and learning. The Western International School of Shanghai is located in Shanghai, but our learning of China’s history and culture extend all over this vast country. Our students take China educational tours and China adventure tours starting in Secondary through our signature Explore China program. There are various opportunities at WISS to explore the dynamic and historical country our students live in, China. We have taken many trips around China through our athletic programs and after school activities. Our swim team attends competitions around China, including a swim meet at Nanjing International School in the fall and the Beijing International School swim meet in spring. Our rock climbing club has attended rock climbing and ice climbing trips in Beijing, Lianan, Getu, and Yanghsuo. Additionally, our Secondary students all partake in the annual Explore China Trip.
Over a one week period each year, Secondary students embark on exciting and educational trips around China. Each grade goes to a different location allowing students to see many unique places in China during their time at the Western International School of Shanghai. WISS works with travel groups that build an extremely fun but beneficial educational component into the trips. Aside from learning more about our host country, students grow as individuals and build stronger bonds with their peers, as they embark on these new experiences together. Explore China destinations of the past include: Beijing, Yunnan, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Chengdu and many more.

International Trips

As an international school, the Western International School of Shanghai believes that meaningful and educational trips abroad are important for our students. Our international field trip policy is aligned with our beliefs as an IB school to help our students become risk-takers and international-minded citizens. Our WISS students have traveled to destinations such as South Africa, Thailand, and Cambodia in an effort to expand students’ horizons and global-mindedness. WISS students have numerous opportunities for international travel through our Distinguishing Programs (Stoke City FC Academy, GAIL, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and ISTA), and Athletic Teams (Swim Team). One of the most exciting international trips offered at WISS is the annual Philippines diving trip.
Philippines Diving Trip
The Philippines dive trip is an optional trip for students from Grades 9-11. There is room on the trip for anyone with an interest in diving within those grades, whether they have already qualified or never dived before. The purpose of the trip is to introduce students to diving and allow them to gain their Open Water or Advanced Certification in a safe (and beautiful) environment. In addition to the qualification and diving, there is an environmental aspect as all participants not only learn about the impact of pollution and weather and climate change on the ocean and its inhabitants, they also actively participate in a coral nursery in order to promote growth of new colonies. The students partake in numerous adventurous and environmental activities including Open Water Training, Advanced Dive Training (night dive, deep dive, navigation, search and recovery, perfect buoyancy), coral planting, additional service tasks, recreational diving, and a day trip to a Tarsier sanctuary. This trip aligns with the IB learner philosophy and encourages students to be knowledgeable, principled, inquiring, caring, balanced risk-takers. It is quite something to see them go from a feeling of discomfort and disorientation breathing underwater in the pool for the first time, to competently and confidently diving in the ocean with all the species on show!