What is GAIL?

The Western International School of Shanghai is a member of the Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL) group. GAIL is a confederation comprised of 8 schools that are geographically dispersed on 6 continents across the world. All of the members of the Global Alliance are independent, not for profit, co-educational schools committed to fostering understanding and authentic, purposeful friendship around the world. The Western International School of Shanghai is the only international school in Shanghai offering opportunities with GAIL.

Our GAIL Partner Schools

Annual Conferences
Annual conferences rotate between the GAIL school host countries. Students collaborate and explore together to develop contemporary solutions to international issues. The Western International School of Shanghai is proud to host the GAIL annual conference in Summer 2019.

Collaboration Opportunities

WISS students can further develop international mindedness through interactive classroom activities and collaboration with other GAIL schools on shared units. Students thereby not only develop their understanding of the relevant IB programme of education but add in additional elements of international understanding. This is also an opportunity for rich professional development where teachers can work with other teachers all around the world.

Student Exchanges

Student exchanges offer upper MYP students the opportunity to experience life at one of our partner schools in Australia, New Zealand, India, or the USA for an extended period of time and allow students from one of our partner schools to receive a WISS education for part of a semester. This is a unique and exciting opportunity that broadens a student’s horizons and makes a huge difference to that student’s life.

Staff Research Fellowships

Staff at any GAIL school can apply to base themselves in any other GAIL partner school and embark on a dedicated research project to improve educational practices. For staff, the research fellowship provides a unique opportunity to dedicate time to research an issue close to their hearts to improve their educational practice. To date, these fellowships have focused on educational coaching, STEM, and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme. Research reports can be found on the GAIL website.

GAIL Champions

For more information about GAIL at WISS, please contact our GAIL Champions:

Vanessa Ness:

The GAIL Experience

The GAIL fellowship was a fantastic experience and comes highly recommended to all staff. It provided me with the opportunity to research an area of education I was particularly interested in. The GAIL Fellowship allowed me to deepen my understanding and enlighten and improve my teaching practice. My Fellowship took place at Scotch College in Adelaide, Australia and I researched the affordances of free flow play in the early years.

Victoria Van Rijn, 2017 WISS teacher awarded GAIL fellowship
GAIL was a great experience to meet others and unite as an international community. The shared stories,
cultures, skills, and experiences create lasting bonds between groups and people. It shows that people around the world, despite their backgrounds or upbringings, are able to connect with each other given the right circumstances. The experience and world view you gain from the GAIL experience is truly priceless.
Emos, Grade 11
GAIL was a unique and once in a lifetime experience that allowed me to explore new ideas and perspectives, as well as meet new and special people from around the world, and learn more about myself as a person.
Shai, Grade 10