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Department Contacts

Admissions +86 21 6976 6388 admissions@wiss.cn Athletics and After School Activities +86 21 6976 6388 x 1062 Melody Hu mhu@wiss.cn Community Liaison +86 21 6976 6388 x 2005 Allie Lo alo@wiss.cn Director’s Office +86 21 6976 6388 x 1080 Vigi Gan vgu@wiss.cn Early Years Office +86 21 6976 6388 x 1032 Lisa Prowse lprowse@wiss.cn Finance Office +86 21 6976 6388 x 1046 Fred Ding fding@wiss.cn
Nursing Coordinator +86 21 6976 6388 x 1066 Alexandra Caulfield acaulfield@wiss.cn Primary Office +86 21 6976 6388 x 1054 Sherry Dai sdai@wiss.cn Scholarship Programs +86 21 6976 6388 scholarships@wiss.cn Secondary Office +86 21 6976 6388 x 1036 Olivia Wang owang@wiss.cn Transportation Office +86 21 6976 6388 x 1076 Xiao Lan Gu xgu@wiss.cn Uniform Shop +86 21 6976 6388 x 1048 Ana Hu uniforms@wiss.cn



Western International School of Shanghai


No. 555 Lian Min Road
Xujing Town Shanghai, Qing Pu District
PRC 201702 Peoples Republic of China

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Baidu Maps (inside China)

taking a taxi

Download and/or print off our taxi card to show your driver

taking the subway

• Take Line 2 of the Metro to Xujing East
• Take a 10-minute taxi ride to WISS
• Show the driver our taxi card

using the expressway

• Go west on Yan An Expressway
• Exit off the Xu Nan Lu exit
• Keep going straight
• Turn right on Lian Min Road (will pass Dream House and Le Chambord on the left)
• WISS is located on the left-hand side of the road [No. 555 Lian Min Road]

taking the local roads

Go west on Yan An Xi Lu (Yan An Xi Lu becomes Hu Qing Ping Highway)
Go straight on Hu Qing Ping Highway into Xujing Town
Turn left on Lian Min Lu (across from the Xujing bus terminal)
WISS is located on the right-hand side of the road (across from Czech City Development and next to Le Chambord Housing complex)