caring community

The Western International School of Shanghai is not just a home for students and staff, but for the entire family.

WISS Parents

At the Western International School of Shanghai, we believe in a learning community that involves the entire family. Our children are most successful when they have the support and involvement of staff, parents, and their peers.

Moving to a new city is never easy, but at WISS we have a community of caring, welcoming, and involved parents ready to welcome new families with open arms. The Western International School of Shanghai’s location in the suburbs of Shanghai makes living in Shanghai with kids easier!

Current WISS parents have strong ties to the entire Shanghai expat community and are able to help new Shanghai expat families feel at home when moving to Shanghai. We recognize that a good international school should serve as a center for the expat community and for many expats in Shanghai, WISS does serve as a home away from home. Volunteering at the school is a great way to integrate into both the WISS community and the Shanghai community.

Parents Association

The Parents Association embodies WISS’s compassionate spirit by supporting a variety of community service and charity efforts throughout the year. The Parents Association (PA) automatically includes the parents/guardians of all students currently enrolled at WISS.

The PA is an extension of WISS that aims to support and implement WISS Mission and Core Values to the greater community. As a caring community, we believe that outreach to new and current families is essential to embracing the WISS Mission and Vision. The Parents Association is committed to organizing activities and events, establishing a constructive dialogue and feedback with the school administrators, and creating a warm and caring community.

For more information about the Parent Association at WISS please e-mail the WISS Community Liaison, Allie Lo, alo@wiss.cn.There are many opportunities as parents to get involved in our school community through our PA, read more about the volunteer teams below. We look forward to having you join us!

Booster Club

Booster Club actively supports the WISS Sports Teams and Performing Arts Events. Selling refreshments, raising awareness of events, and providing general support are all important functions performed by Booster Club members.

Classroom/Grade Level Reps

Classroom (Early Years and Primary) and Grade Level Reps (Secondary) support your children’s teachers when needed, help to connect parents by creating and maintaining a classroom contact list and WeChat group, and help the parent community to stay informed about activities and events.

Initiative Team

The PA Initiative Team contributes by sharing their experience and ideas about parent involvement in school to further develop the WISS Parent Association and its activities.

Lost and Found

This enthusiastic team organizes lost and forgotten belongings in school and helps to keep our campus tidy.

Social Event Committee

Because we are a caring and cheerful community, we absolutely love organizing and supporting events for parents and the whole family. This great team is very creative and has a knack for event planning!

Welcome Committee

Creating a hospitable environment for new and returning families by hosting relaxed and enjoyable events organized throughout the year – such as day trips, coffee gatherings, and receptions – reaching out to families to ease their transition and create opportunities for greater interaction and communication within the school community.

Meet our WISS families

Don’t just take it from us! The Western International School of Shanghai parents love the WISS community too. Get to know a few of our families below.
Gerard and Gemma Patino-Vidal It's amazing here. There are so many people from all over the world and we are really engaged and involved in the WISS community and really feel it is our family here. We really like the method of teaching and the way the kids learn because it’s not just working in a very academic way. Its working on projects in a group and it’s really focused on teamwork. Meet the Patino-Vidal Family
Christian and Geanette Arevalo We like WISS because of its community. The multi-cultural atmosphere has given everyone, especially our son, the awareness, appreciation, and respect that they need when encountering different kinds of cultures in their lives. But the best thing about the school is how their education is integrated with the world and with current events.  What they learn isn’t kept in their books, but it is often applied in their daily lives. Meet the Arevalo Family
Silvia Bighignoli I like the way WISS supports art and creativity. Kids are encouraged to develop their talent in all topics, from music to theatre, from painting to dancing, as well as all the other subjects, and they can express themselves in multiple ways. Meet the Bighignoli Family