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WISS signed a collaborative agreement with the International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University, the Qing Pu Publicity Department, and Xujing Town Authorities to teach Chinese culture through learning the Chinese language at WISS.   

Through this cooperation with this outstanding university in Shanghai, students will connect Chinese language and culture. 

This new partnership highlights the role of culture in education, an approach that WISS has always utilized and viewed as an essential skill in today’s world.  Understanding and analyzing the cultural connections inherent in all languages is truly fascinating.   

WISS and Fudan University - Teaching Chinese Culture Through Language
Representatives of Fudan University, the Qing Pu Publicity Department, and Xujing Town Authorities at WISS.

The International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University is an institution in one of the most prestigious universities in China, specializing in International Chinese education research. It is well-known for its excellence in teaching Chinese culture and language to international students. WISS is very proud to collaborate with expert teachers from Fudan University who will share their Chinese language and cultural knowledge with WISS students.  

Representatives of Fudan University unveil the Chinese culture class at WISS.

WISS students benefit from interacting with people from different cultures every day on our campus, with around 50 different nationalities and more than 40 different languages represented. Since its founding, WISS has proactively promoted cultural diversity by teaching global citizenship and showing how valuable and exciting it is for students to learn from different cultures.   

In particular, WISS has always highlighted Chinese culture and heritage; and this new agreement supports and enhances the appreciation and respect we have for our host country, China.   

WISS students attend a Chinese architecture class.

WISS offers a robust Chinese Language Program. At WISS, all students may study Chinese as an additional or native language. Chinese is the only language other than English offered at every ability level from Nursery through to G12 at WISS. As with all learning at WISS, students are encouraged to make authentic connections, and lessons are enhanced through school assemblies, performances, presentations, and field trips around Shanghai 

For WISS, culture is an essential part of understanding education in the 21st century and a valuable skill in an increasingly globalized and multicultural world. In the words of Dr. Greg Brunton, Director of WISS, “WISS is proud to train global citizens for our world. I believe the ultimate purpose of learning a language is to achieve better collaboration and create a better environment for global citizens. Therefore learning Chinese is about taking and creating all the possibilities and opportunities to learn about China, Chinese thinking, culture, organization. 

A Chinese teacher from Fudan University teaching at WISS.

This new partnership with the prestigious Fudan University’s International Cultural Exchange School, the Qing Pu government, and the Xujing government, will facilitate our teachers collaborating within an international environment which respects, appreciates, and shares the Chinese culture.”   

WISS students have already experienced their first lesson with teachers from the International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University as part of this new cultural exchange program. Students learned about Chinese architecture and the connections that “shiheyuan” and “tulou” (earthen houses) have within the language and how they are integrated into Chinese culture. Representatives of the Qing Pu Publicity Department and Xujing Town Authorities also assisted this first class at WISS to see how beneficial and dynamic it is to teach culture to international students.  

WISS students during their Chinese Culture lesson.

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