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The Western International School of Shanghai is incredibly proud of our recent graduates, the Class of 2020. This graduating class was faced with a tumultuous year and overcame many challenges: a campus closure, canceled events, and uncertainty impacting their future plans. Despite all of the extra hurdles that the COVID-19 Pandemic caused our Grade 12 students, they prevailed!

WISS offers a truly balanced and inclusive approach to the IB Programmes and invites all students to take part through our Diploma and Career-related Programmes. With 100% of our students participating in our IB Programmes, their achievements are truly impressive. With a WISS average DP score nearly 3 points above the world average and 1 in 4 WISS students scoring in the top 22% worldwide, WISS results are remarkable.

 IB results WISS class of 2020
IB results WISS class of 2020

While these IB scores are worth celebrating and a superb reflection of our students’ effort, growth, and performance, they are just a small part of the picture. At WISS, students are much more than test scores.

“As proud as we are of our 100% IBCP pass rate, the moments that give us the most joy are not statistics or figures; watching our students find their passion and grow into young adults with a clear focus and enthusiasm for life is the true highlight of working in education,” shared WISS IBCP Coordinator Stewart Patterson.

Each of our students is more than a number. All of our students have a story to tell, things they are passionate about, challenges they face, and future goals they strive to achieve. Our entire WISS community works together to ensure students’ success.

WISS Class 2020

For Allen Chen, IBCP Graduate 2020, IBCP Production Arts (Theatre Technology) provided the spark that has sent him on his way to a career he is genuinely passionate about. Allen joined the IBCP Production Arts pathway in August 2018 and has just begun his BA (Hons) in Theatre and Production Arts Technology at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in September this year. Allen excelled throughout his final two years and is an excellent example of what can be achieved when students find and study their true passion in school.

“Allen exemplifies what we see in all of our 2020 graduates, a zest for life and for learning, a passion to craft a great future, and the tools required to achieve great things. We will think of and remember the stories of our recent graduates long after we forget their final grades in IBDP/CP,” said Patterson.

Allen, an IB CP student at WISS
Allen, an IB CP student at WISS

The WISS student-centered approach can be found in every aspect of our school – from a curriculum that is tailored and adapted to meet each student’s abilities to find the right level of challenge for each individual to a Creative Arts Program that allows our students to discover their passions and hones their talents and a diverse, caring, and international community that helps each student find a home at WISS.

WISS IBDP Coordinator Evi Singleton sums it up this way, “The success of our candidates lies within the collective effort of our whole community – our team of dedicated teachers, our supportive parents, as well as with the resilience of our learners.”

At WISS, we know that a student’s success in the future will be based on much more than a score. Our balanced, flexible, and personalized curriculum and programs equip our students with the skills and knowledge to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

We believe in educating students holistically and sending compassionate, brave, ethically-minded, global citizens out into this world. We are confident that our graduates bring this vision to life, and we are so proud to see everything our incredible students accomplish!

Once a WISS Tiger, always a WISS Tiger!