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Ideas Too Big for a Classroom – Feature Friday Connect to Learning in a Real-World Context: Outdoor Classroom Day at WISS If there is something that identifies the WISS way of... 13 Nov 2020
Feature Friday: GAIL 2019 at WISS Sixty-nine students. Eight schools. Six continents. Sharing one purpose. This is GAIL. This year, The Western International... 18 Oct 2019
Feature Friday: Drawing Atmospheric Perspective with SCAD It is always a pleasure to receive specials guests at WISS, especially when their visit is related to the IB Career-related... 13 Feb 2019
Robotics at WISS: Tiger Robotics At the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS), we believe in educating students for the jobs of tomorrow and focus on... 14 Dec 2018
Feature Friday: IBCP at the Western International School of Shanghai Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) is the only school in mainland China, offering the IB Career-related Programme... 07 Dec 2018