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The Sapphire – Digital Media with a Tiger Twist- Tiger Pride Tuesday “The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.” – Henry Ward... 01 Dec 2020
WISS Class-2020 IB Results are Just a Part of the Picture – Tiger Pride Tuesday The Western International School of Shanghai is incredibly proud of our recent graduates, the Class of 2020. This graduating... 20 Oct 2020
Chloe, a Rising Star in the Game Design Field: Tiger Pride Tuesday Can you imagine an educational program that allows you to pursue your passions and helps you reach your goals? Chloe doesn’t... 09 Jun 2020
Tiger Pride Tuesday: Getting To Know #WISSTeachers on Teachers’ Day Today China celebrates Teachers’ Day. A perfect day to thank teachers and recognize all their intensive work. Teachers not... 10 Sep 2019
Tiger Pride Tuesday: WISS HS Girls Basketball Team This Tiger Pride Tuesday we are featuring WISS HS Girls Basketball Team. We are so glad to announce that our Tiger Girls have... 25 Feb 2019
Tiger Pride Tuesday: WISS Athletics FROM THE WISS TIGERS’ SPORTS DESK January was jammed-packed full of WISS Athletics… On Saturday, January 19th, Coach... 29 Jan 2019
Tiger Pride Tuesday: WISS Canteen This Tiger Pride Tuesday we are featuring one of the prides of WISS that every student and teacher enjoys each day – our healthy... 07 Dec 2018
Tiger Pride Tuesday: Patino Vidal Family Our 1st Tiger Pride Tuesday we featured a WISS teacher, then an outstanding WISS IBCP student, but now we are featuring our... 29 Nov 2018
Tiger Pride Tuesday: Isha Joshi At Western International School of Shanghai, we are lucky to have a community full of talented individuals from around the... 14 Nov 2018