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Can you imagine an educational program that allows you to pursue your passions and helps you reach your goals? Chloe doesn’t need to imagine it. It’s a reality. 

Chloe is a student at the  Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) who has chosen to study the IB Career-related Programme

For students who have a vision for their future career field and have a strong interest in SportsArt & Design, or Business Sustainability. The IBCP is an excellent option.  

A Program that Helps Students Reach Their Goals 

IBCP is a program that helps students reach their goals by giving them the opportunity to explore and do in-depth studies in their chosen career field.

The Western International School of Shanghai is the only full continuum IB World School in mainland China authorized to offer the four IB Programmes. Created as a response to the demand of our contemporary world for fully trained students, IBCP at WISS provides a flexible, individual, and personalized education that is driven by the expectations of our students. 

Chloe, a WISS IBCP SCAD Video Game & Design Production student

Through the CP Core, Students Develop Personal Qualities and Professional Skills

Through the IB Career-related Programme, students develop technical skills and knowledge which bring them closer to a specific profession, focusing on experience and practice. The IBCP prepares students for their future, with theoretical and technical learning related to their chosen field.

The best way for students to learn practical skills in a specific career is through internships in real companies. Through these connections, students gain first-hand experience in the working world and have unique opportunities to put into practice everything they have learned. 

Currently, the Western International School of Shanghai offers three IBCP pathways: SportsArt & Design, and Business Sustainability. 

Today’s Tiger Pride is dedicated to Chloe, a WISS IBCP SCAD Video Game & Design Production student.  

If you thought that the world of video games was only for boys, then you are mistaken. Chloe is a prime example that there is a place for both genders in this field. Her work in the design and development of video games has received the highest marks from her SCAD teachers. 

WISS is so proud to have students like Chloe, who work hard to achieve excellence in all that they do. 

Today we want you to get to know Chloe in this interview and also get to know a bit more about her experience as an IBCP SCAD student. 

Chloe, working on her design for SCAD at WISS.

What made you choose to study the IBCP?  

When I was in MYP, I became interested in digital art. I thought if I want to have an art major, CP [would be better] than DP would help me go to an art university.    

You are a CP SCAD Game Design student. What subjects are you studying? 

I’m currently studying Math, English, Korean, and Art (in addition to the CP courses).  

How would you describe your experience interning for VIRTUOS? What are you learning during this internship?  

It was my first time working in a game company. We are learning and doing different work every time we go to the company. But our main role is QA, which is Quality Assurance. We test games and report any bugs and errors.  

Why do you think it’s beneficial to get some work experience during your studies? 

It is definitely beneficial to have work experience as a student because before I had an internship in VIRTUOS, I didn’t know how the game company works and divides roles. This made me realize how hard making games is and [made me] think about my future seriously. I am also learning a lot from the internship, so I like working there. 

Chloe at the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS)

Any advice for the students who decide to follow your steps during the next school year? 

Choose what you really want to do in the future, and if it is related to art, prepare your skills for SCAD. SCAD doesn’t teach you step-by-step. You have to learn it while doing the project.   

What would you like to do in the future? 

I would like to become a character designer in a game company or an animator. I’m still not sure about it, but it will definitely be art [related].    

What would a perfect video game be for you? What’s your favorite video game?  

I love Animal Crossing, which is a social simulation game. I also enjoy playing TPS (third-person shooter) and FPS (first-person shooter) games that are not too violent or scary. 

If you had to define your experience studying IBCP at WISS with only one word, what would it be?  

Adventure. CP was a program that I had never heard of. I wasn’t sure that choosing CP [would be] the right choice for my future, but I am enjoying it very much.  

Do you think that video games can be an educational tool?  

Yes, I don’t think all the games can be an educational tool, but some games that are made for teaching kids or showing global issues can be.   

The IBCP Programme provides incredible opportunities for personal development, as well. Thanks to the scholarships that our partnerships with SCAD and FirstPoint USA offer to WISS students, students have a chance to explore and gain the knowledge and experience to develop skills in the fields of their interest.     

If you want to learn more about the IBCP at WISS, visit our website or contact our IBCP Coordinator, Stewart Paterson, at spaterson@wiss.cn