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Our 1st Tiger Pride Tuesday we featured a WISS teacher, then an outstanding WISS IBCP student, but now we are featuring our FIRST Tiger Pride Tuesday feature family… The Patino Vidal Family. 

Family feature Tiger pride Tuesday

The Patino Vidal family has been an integral part of the WISS community since moving to Shanghai from Barcelona in 2016. Gerard and Gemma have 3 daughters enrolled at WISS, Olivia (8), Mafilda (6), and Nina (11). The family moved to Shanghai when Gerard received a job placement with Zara and immediately found a home away from home.

Coming to Shanghai and adjusting to a new city was difficult at first, but all 5 of the family members now love the Shanghai and WISS communities. One of their favorite parts about living in Shanghai is the ability to travel all over Asia.

Family feature Tiger pride Tuesday

The family has taken many trips since moving here. Their daughters have also had the opportunity to travel throughout China with some amazing school trips as well.

The family-atmosphere and community at WISS was one of the biggest draws to choosing WISS. “It’s amazing here. There are so many people from all over the world and we are really engaged and involved in the WISS community and really feel it is our family here,” said Gerard.

The family volunteers at events and the “Lost & Found” Committee of the Parent Association, and the girls are on the swim and dance teams. You will find the 5 of them smiling and laughing at almost all of the WISS events.

It’s not just the community that has been a great fit for the Patino Vidal family, but also academics at WISS. Gemma says, “We really like the method of teaching and the way the kids learn because it’s not just working in a very academic way. Its working on projects, in a group and really focused on teamwork.”

The girls also love WISS, but when asked what they don’t like, they did find one issue, “Maybe a little bit, sometimes I don’t like math because it gets a little tricky,” said the youngest, Mafilda. Despite the slight difficulties in math class, all 3 girls agreed with mom and dad that WISS is a great school. “The spirit and people at WISS are really nice. When you come here you don’t just feel like a number. It’s not a really big school so everyone has a name and we feel like a family at WISS.”