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The Task of Writing: Tips for University Applications Around the Globe Writing is a very important piece of university admissions applications around the world.  It is an opportunity for a student to... 05 Nov 2020
The University of Stirling Accepts Students with the IBCP Sport Qualification Did you know that WISS students who are passionate about sports can begin learning relevant professional skills now? WISS offers... 30 May 2019
Congratulations Class of 2019! Students of the Western International School of Shanghai’s wonderfully talented Class of 2019 have been accepted into top-ranked... 20 May 2019
Get to Know Harvard University with the Din & Tonics One of the most important moments in a student´s life is perhaps, making the leap from school to university. When students are... 18 Jan 2019
WISS University Acceptances 2018   WISS’s Class of 2018 pulled in some very impressive college and university acceptances! WISS students are proving... 26 Sep 2018
WISS Class of 2018 WISS is off to an exciting start with university acceptances this year! Our impressive 36 students in the Class of 2018 are well... 07 Feb 2018
A Warm WISS Welcome for Universities   What an exciting fall this has been for university visits!  In the months of September, October, and November, WISS... 06 Dec 2017