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Cute animal videos going viral confirm it. Most people love animals!   

And if you’re a pet owner, you understand what it feels like to have a pet in your family. They become part of your life, and you include them in all of your plans. You start looking for pet-friendly restaurants, cafes, parks, and even pet-friendly hotels so that you can have a great time all together. 

Pets are very intuitive and can understand us, recognize if we are happy or sad, can cheer us up, and are always ready to spread love with their kisses and cuddles. And most importantly, they are there when we need them without asking for anything in exchange.  

Dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, every animal requires specific care according to their needs. Without a doubt taking care of a goldfish is more manageable than taking care of a cat or a dog. But if we ask our kids what pet they would like to have, we’re pretty sure that the most common answer would be a cat or a dog. ?  

When a dog or a cat becomes a new member of your family, the love and loyalty they show their owners is priceless. While having pets brings many benefits to the household, in addition to the friendship and the good moments you can enjoy together, having a pet is a serious task that teaches us a sense of responsibility, commitment, and compassion.  

Recently, the Western International School of Shanghai (WISS) received a special visit. Peanut, the dog, and Cupid, the cat, visited our Pre-Nursery students accompanied by their owners. Little Tigers interacted with them, played, stroked them, learned more about the care pets need and the benefits of having a pet at home.   

As part of the Community Helpers Unit, students also visited a pet shop to learn more about how to care for pets. Little Tigers saw firsthand what these community helpers do every day and what essential role they play in helping others, in this case, pets. 

Benefits of Growing up Around Pets

  • Kids develop a caring spirit as they take care of pets and their needs.  
  • Kids exercise more as they have to go outside for daily walks with the dog.  
  • Having a new pet in the family teaches kids a sense of responsibility. Feeding them, washing them, and taking care of pets encourages childhood responsibility.
  • Kids who grow up with pets have a lower risk of developing allergies.  
  • Several studies have demonstrated that having pets helps to reduce anxiety and stress.    
  • Kids can develop communication skills as the pet becomes their best friend. A lot of kids read to their pets! They share stories and secrets with them or watch movies together.     
  • Having a pet in a family brings happy moments, as petting releases oxytocin and serotonin, the hormones linked to happiness.  

Adopting Rescued Pets

If you are thinking of making your family bigger by adopting a new four-legged member, please consider adoption! Unfortunately, many cats and dogs are abandoned in Shanghai. Many rescue organizations work to help abandoned animals by taking care of them. Adopting is a great option to give these animals a chance to live in a new house full of tenderness and love.   

Shanghai Animal Rescue (SAR) is one of those organizations that do an extraordinary job of helping cats and dogs. If you want to find out more about the work they do, visit their website. http://www.shanghai-animal-rescue.com/dogs-for-adoption/  

And now, it’s time to meet the lovely #WISSpetcommunity.

Ms. Victoria Voogt and Mochi
Ms. Jae Oh and Tortilla
Ms. Claudia Romero, her daughter, and Chico
Mr. Anderson and Peanut
Mr. Scott and Christine Von Pumpkin Pancakes
WISS Family and their dog
WISS students and her cat
WISS student and Molly
Siena, WISS Pet Community
WISS Pet Community
WISS student and his cat
Kuma and Pickle,
WISS Pet Community
Molly, WISS Pet Community
WISS students and Max
WISS student and Okome
WISS Pet Community